Dyeable shoes are popular among brides and bridesmaids, but they have lots of fashion potential off the aisle too. If you’ve ever felt frustrated with your footwear options, you may want to consider having them custom dyed.

Finding shoes that look and feel great is no easy feat. But with dyeables, you’re in complete control of the shade of your shoes. So you won’t have to compromise style for comfort.

Perhaps you were recently part of a wedding that required you to sport a less than savory shade of shoes. And while your memories of the ceremony may be lovely, you were left with a pair of apricot pumps that are destined to collect dust in the back of your closet. Why not dye your shoes and incorporate them into your fashionable footwear rotation?

A few words of caution — be sure to use a waterproof seal on your dyeable shoes to avoid running or sreaking. And, if precision color coordination is key, be sure to bring a swatch in to your shoe dyer. Keep in mind that dyeing shoes rarely results in an exact color match, and your shade may change slightly in certain lighting.