Do you like to shop for accessories? Here are a few products and tips that you may want to check out. Every stylish woman knows that no look is truly complete without the right accessories. When applied in a smart, and tasteful manner, these pieces can add just the right elements of color, texture and interest to complement or offset an outfit.

Sunglasses, for example, are a must for any stylish lady on the go. This is one accessory where it’s almost always safe to go big and play with daring colors. Demure, delicate frames have fallen out of favor, so don’t be afraid to make some bold style choices here.

A pair of large, almost cheeky sunglasses can lend a distinct Audrey Hepburn effect, particularly when paired with a sleek, fitted trench coat or smart corporate attire.

Like sunglasses, belts can add a tasteful splash of color to an otherwise blase look. But keep in mind that if your outfit already features prominent colors, patterns or other flashy components, it’s best to keep your belt muted and subtle.

Smart accessorizing means tastefully highlighting and showcasing singular pieces of an outfit, without overshadowing your look as a whole. It can be dangerously tempting to go overboard when it comes to accessories, but rest assured that a little refined subtlety goes a long way.

The following video offers great advice about smart accessorizing: