With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s a great time to start circulating ideas for creative gifts.¬† Granted, this is a greeting card holiday that smacks of clich√©, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to get something special, practical or just plain thoughtful for someone you love. Here are a few ideas outside the heart-shaped box:

Boyfriends, husbands and friends of the male persuasion will love the weather station shower mirror. This fog resistant apparatus is perfect for in-shower shaving — and can shave time off his hurried morning routine too.

The LCD display features up to the minute weather, date and time readings. And its sturdy shelf is perfect for holding shaving cream and razors. It affixes easily to your shower wall with heavy duty suction cups.

If your S.O. constantly finds him or herself too busy to worry about house hold chores, consider the robotic vacuum. While it may not be blatantly romantic, it frees up time for the two of you to spend together. Less time cleaning translates to more time cuddling.

This whisper quiet vacuum whirls around the house to keep your living space spic and span. It’s easy to re-charge and has a convenient internal dust bin that removes in a snap.