After months of relentless cold and bleak gray skies, spring is at long last approaching. As the days get longer and we reacquaint ourselves with the sunshine, it’s a great time to get our homes clean, fresh and organized.  Before you roll up your sleeves and tackle your spring cleaning, take a look at some of these great kitchen organizers:

A shelf pot rack can do wonders to clear cluttered counter space. Whether you’re packing a picnic, or getting ready for a sunny backyard barbecue, keeping your pots and pans neat and tidy is a smart way to cut down on time in the kitchen and take more advantage of the sunshine. Perch a small plant on one of these racks to add a fresh burst of color into your kitchen decor.

And what about all those cookout leftovers? The plastic wrap and foil we use so regularly in the warmer months can monopolize counter top space, and create tons of pantry clutter. A convenient under-shelf wrap rack can save lots of space instantly. You can wrap up sandwiches for a sunny hike or store barbecue leftovers without digging through a messy pile of boxes and packages.

Spring  is also an amazing time for fresh fruits and vegetables. But all too often, delicious produce goes to waste. By keeping apples, bananas, tomatoes and other delicious fresh foods more visible, you and your family are far more likely to enjoy them before they spoil. A four tier fruit rack is an ideal solution. Not only does this smart little unit help you incorporate fresh produce into your daily diet, but it also looks great in any kitchen. This is an excellent way to showcase nature’s little design masterpieces.

Keep these handy and simple products in mind, and you can whip your kitchen into shape for the fairest of the seasons.